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Joy Weber

Welcome to my online classroom.

Because I teach several grades and several different subjects in the Special Education setting, I get to know so many fascinating students! Although these precious students may not learn things in the same manner as their typically developing peers, I know my students can, and will, learn a great deal each day. This is our goal: to work together to discover each students' strengths, explore ways to help enhance student learning, and spend each day involved in thoughtful learning experiences.

I am always open to suggestions; as a parent, you know your son or daughter better than anyone else. I believe that there should be an open line of communication between us- after all, we have the same goal- to see your child learn and grow! Therefore, please feel free to send a note or call and tell me anything you feel I should know in order to better serve your child and meet their needs.

Stay tuned- I hope to have more updates and information available here as soon as I have time to add it!


Joy Weber

Joy Weber

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