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Mike Alberts Alberts, Mike
Social Studies Department Chair
malberts@wells.esc7.netView Website
Dr. Applewhite Applewhite, Dr.
Secondary Principal
gapplewhite@wells.esc7.netView Website
Gary Applewhite Applewhite, Gary
HS Principal
Jason Ashworth Ashworth, Jason
HS Girls Coach
jashworth@wells.esc7.netView Website
Tommy Bennett Bennett, Tommy
Head Softball coach / Science Teacher 10-12
tbennett@wells.esc7.netView Website
Melissa Bordelon Bordelon, Melissa
HS Art
View Website
Leslie Brown Brown, Leslie
Curriculum Director/504 Coordinator
lbrown@wells.esc7netView Website
Jami Clark Clark, Jami
2nd Grade
jclark@wells.esc7.netView Website
Brittney Coats Coats, Brittney
High School Secretary
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Chad Collins Collins, Chad
Atheltic Director
Chad Collins Collins, Chad
Athletic Director
ccollins@wells.esc7.netView Website
Wendy Collins Collins, Wendy
HS English
wcollins@wells.esc7.netView Website
Teresa Cox Cox, Teresa
3rd Grade
tcox@wells.esc7.netView Website
Bonnie Denmon Denmon, Bonnie
HS Health Science
bdenmon@wells.esc7.netView Website
Alyson Dixon Dixon, Alyson
Computer/Yearbook HS
adixon@wells.esc7.netView Website
Kathy Ford Ford, Kathy
kford@wells.esc7.netView Website
Sonja Fuller Fuller, Sonja
1st Grade
sfuller@wells.esc7.netView Website
Tina Glover Glover, Tina
District Nurse
Joni Hicks Hicks, Joni
2nd Grade
jhicks@wells.esc7.netView Website
Slade Johnson Johnson, Slade
Technology Director
Carrie Langham Langham, Carrie
7-9 English Teacher
clangham@wells.esc7.netView Website
Diann Maxey Maxey, Diann
dmaxey@wells.esc7.netView Website
Jim Moore
Moore, Jim
jmoore@wells.esc7.netView Website
Jana Oquinn Oquinn, Jana
Business Manager
Andrew Pearle Pearle, Andrew
JR/HS Social Study
apearle@wells.esc7.netView Website
Michael Petty Petty, Michael
Director of Maintenance and Transportation
Brian Phillips Phillips, Brian
Ag Science
bphillips@wells.esc7.netView Website
Camile Pinkston Pinkston, Camile
Director of Food Services
Jana Pool Pool, Jana
4th ELA& Reading
jpool@wells.esc7.netView Website
Rhonda Redd Redd, Rhonda
3rd Grade
rredd@wells.esc7.netView Website
Brittany Sharrer Sharrer, Brittany
5th & 6th Math and Science
bsharrer@wells.esc7.netView Website
Brittney Sharrer Sharrer, Brittney
4th-6th Science
bsharrer@wells.esc7.netView Website
Blake Smith Smith, Blake
Elem. Principal
Krystal Tarrant Tarrant, Krystal
4th/5th grade teacher
ktarrant@wells.esc7.netView Website
Allison Taylor Taylor, Allison
Algebra II, Geometry, BIM and Yearbook
ataylor@wells.esc7.netView Website
Alison Thigpen Thigpen, Alison
1st Grade
athigpen@wells.esc7.netView Website
Tammy Timmons Timmons, Tammy
Head Start
ttimmons@wells.esc7.netView Website
Joy Weber Weber, Joy
jweber@wells.esc7.netView Website
Michelle Williamson Williamson, Michelle
mwilliamson@wells.esc7.netView Website
Karen Yoas
Yoas, Karen
Jr. High Science
kyoas@wells.esc7.netView Website